Year Dot

Keepsake memories of your child’s first year

We will craft a special film including all those important moments: meeting the family … first ice-cream … first birthday. As children grow-up, we quickly forget how it all began, but these films forever capture the magic of that first year.

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Annual record

Replay a whole year and enjoy those special times again

A year goes by in a flash. These films aim to capture all those precious moments, giving you a chance to reminisce on the year and enjoy all the best bits again.

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From weddings and birthdays, to holidays and hen parties, preserve precious memories

We all have times in our lives which we want to remember forever. These films give you the opportunity to replay those moments as often as you like.

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Bespoke Features

Made to your own brief, tailor-made films of you, your pets, holidays, family and friends.

This could be anything you like. We have enjoyed making films of favourite pets, tours of London landmarks, Father’s Day medleys and family history films. Contact us to discuss your ideas.

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