How it works

The photographs and videos on our phones and computers are a treasure trove of memories. But too often they lie hidden away – forgotten and unseen.

We can help. After consultation to discover and discuss what you are looking to achieve from your film, we carefully explore your collection of photographs and videos to identify the best ones. We then create a new film set to music, which showcases your special moments. The final film is a wonderful record which you can share with friends and family, and keep forever.



By video conference, we will discuss what you are looking for, whether it be a record of your baby’s first year, a medley of your pet’s best moments or a significant holiday. We will also learn more about your video and photograph collection.



With our help and advice, you will securely share your videos and photographs with us. All content is transferred, stored and deleted in line with our Standard Contract, Privacy Policy and Data Protection Policy.



Based on the consultation and the content shared, we will provide you with a cost.



You sign the contract, make a 75% deposit and complete the questionnaire which asks for additional information.



We will create a rough-cut of the film for your approval. This takes around 4-6 weeks. With your feedback, we then finish the film.



You make the 25% balance payment. We will then deliver the final film for you to enjoy and share.


For a monthly fee, we can also manage all your photos and videos. You transfer your content to us once a month, we then edit your content into highlights and provide you with easily accessible and well-organised folders of all your photos and videos.


Each project is bespoke. The cost depends on the type of film you would like, combined with the amount of media content provided. Films start at £300. As a rough guide, if you provide no more than 1,000 photographs and videos, it will cost between £500-£1,000. We include one round of your changes at the rough-cut stage and any subsequent changes requested may incur an additional charge.


We use licensed music for all our films, carefully matching music tracks to the story of your film. We cannot work with content which you do not own or have the right to use, which infringes on a third person’s privacy or material which is pornographic, obscene, indecent or offensive, which promotes discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age. Please contact us at for a copy of our standard contract which contains more information.

Charity Giving

Elodie Pictures supports the work of the NSPCC.